Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Maisy Daisy

Well, this is a glimpse of what talks to me all day long. I've been watching May everyday since she was 3 months old! She's soooo not a baby anymore (she was 2 in Oct), and I can't say I'm sad to see the era gone. The occasional babysitting for a baby or 1 year old, and yah. I guess you don't realize how much work it is, until you're not in it anymore;-) There is MUCH wisdom in having all your kids close together. Yes, it is helpful to have older ones to watch and help...but really...it's much easier to stick with one age bracket instead of spanning them all. But anyway, she's still the "baby" around here and generally has figured out a way to use her "sad eyes" to manipulate Kenna into anything she wants.

She is also quite the talker! Mind you, not very many things are real words, but if you're tracking with her, you'll get the gist of it. It's adorably cute Alien Language, as my kids call it.

Monday, April 21, 2014


We had a fun time with friends this Easter! Last year, we were with family in Canada for this holiday, but year, we missed the family...and mountains of snow? Haha. Maybe not really the snow part:-)

My cuties! 8, 7 in ten days, and 4!

Trying to capture a picture of pile of very excited kids!
We spend the morning at church, and the afternoon and evening with friends. We had delicious food - (and too much of it!) and of course, an egg hunt for the kids.

Jackson loved finding a ring pop!

They were much more interested in counting their loot than posing for a pic, but I made them say cheese:-)
It was a good day for games too - Girls beat Guys in CatchPhrase, and I won Game of Things, yay!

I wish I'd taken more pictures, or got one of Brian and I, but oh well! I hope everyone had a great day celebrating our risen Lord!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Cookies Galore

Ok, well, I kinda did something crazy...
I started an impromptu cookie business!
Say WHAT?! Yah, I know. I'm hardly qualified. I've posted on this blog every cookie I've made so far...sooo...that started with Hello Kitty, like, 3 weeks ago. Haha. I am FAR from experienced. This is my third "batch"/time making cookies like this.
And to the "trained eye" (like mine, HAHA) there are more errors than I can even name. But I am a bit of a perfectionist, and well, icing is kind of a hard medium to figure out. Additionally, I have the least steady hand in the world. Or at least in the cookie business. I guarantee it.

I am a testament to all you can accomplish watching youtube videos. Not kidding.

For example, I have never made a leaf in my life. I have a leaf tip, because it came in the set of basic tips from Wilton...never used once. Until these little guys. So my leaves need much work.
So, I posted pics of my lovely cookies on facebook (which I am making these as thank you gifts, actually). Lots of rave reviews, and people messaging me asking about orders and stuff. So I made an fb "business" page, just to keep it separate from my Personal page.

I called it Cookies & Cupcakes by Darby Jane. I feel like I need better title. Anyway, it was all that was coming to me yesterday morning when I did it:-) So since yesterday morning - I have orders for
400 cookies
150 cookies (still tentative)
25 cookies
a smash cake and cupcakes
and an undetermined number of cookies for a wedding

Um, WOW. Ok. Not bad for 1 day in business, I guess, right?! Good news is, I learn fast, and can only get better from here:-)

These little guys were for a customer - doing an Easter dinner tonight, with a "lamb" theme.

Almond cake, filled with raspberry, topped with almond buttercream and a cute little lamb
So anyway, I won't turn this blog into a cookie one, if you want to see pics of all my work, you can like me on facebook for updates. I'm sure I'll post about how it's going from time to time, since it's part of life, and that's what this is all about: Living life, and sharing the journey!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Our Neighbourhood

I've been trying to become a runner. For the sole purpose of losing weight/being in shape, really. So the kids come with me and run, ride bikes or scooters along side me...or waaaay up ahead of me:-) Today Brooks decided he would walk/run and take pictures of birds on the trip. I don't know that he saw any birds, but a few other neighbourhood treasures caught his eye.

I asked him to come tell me about the pictures he took, and his exact quotes are under the pictures they relate to;-) Enjoy!

I like that shed, because it's not a dirty shed. It's a nice shed, so I like it.

Yah, I don't have a sentence about this one

So, I was looking actually for houses actually, like if we want to move again, maybe we would want to move into this 'pecific house. Like, it looks like a pretty good house, actually.

That one, I was trying to get that really good house, but I took the picture too soon, but it was a really good house.

That was a little too blurry, but it had palm trees beside it
Oh, see that car? I took a picture of that car, because it looks pretty fancy. I really like that car, and I thought Grey'd like it.

That's a part of the house, I took

This one, I took of picture only of that part, cause it looks really good, right. Isn't that doorway pretty?
That one! Oh yah, the Honda! That one is so you can give it to Miss Foster on the computer. Cause it reminds me of just like their car.
I tried to take a picture of that mailbox. It's a nice one
See that house?! That was my favourite house! See how beautiful it is?

Hair Be Gone

Using her dress as a "ruler" - her hair came to just below the embroidered bodice, and after...not so much!! A lot of hair, gone!

She loves it. It was her first haircut by someone other than Brian or I - and it was Great Clips, haha;-)

Monday, April 14, 2014

An Afternoon Stroll

If you have time to kill and calories to burn, our downtown area is a fun one to explore. It's not "huge", like Toronto or New York, it's just a pretty, calm, laid back blend of old and new. Unlike large scale cities, where you have whole sections of a city dedicated to something (art, chinatown etc), this is buildings, or streets, so everything you want is compactly put, right where you want it:-)

It was a day I really wished I had a great camera! We saw so many pretty things! All I had was my phone though...
Boardwalk. After almost 2 hours walking around, Grey was tired!
*I might mention - we are on Spring Break this week - no Sonny or May. And that really tall brown building in the background is where Brian spends a LOT of his time managing projects. He had a little break between subcontractors this afternoon, so he called us out to explore!

I love sail boats

They love cannons
Remember this wall? The kids sure do! When we had our pics taken here, they literally were shaking and bawling (so no really good pics of the wall came out, but you can see some here). When I showed them today, they said "that is not it! It was way higher!" They are sticking to their guns with the "it shrunk" theory. We climbed up today, and they did so voluntarily, and without fear and crying. Haha!!
Recognize this alley? It's the one from that same photo session. And yes, it looked like this then, too. With a little vision, you wouldn't believe what can look good in pictures!!
I love wrought iron fire escapes
Oh look! We found China!

After being told that this statue was a replication of DC's statue "The Lone Sailor", Grey asked "Is this the guy that flew the Titanic?" haha

The docks

It's "Whisky". The USS Wisconsin is so long, I can't get it all in one camera-angled shot. Where is the panoramic lens for my phone? :-)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy Birthday

20 Questions: All about Grandpa!